The making breaking and remaking

It was late in the year 2010, when a certain (frustrated) musician, Pritam Das, decided it was time to start a new band, and began hunting for musicians. The first to join him was Vency Coutinho, the drummer. Then came Vijay Fernandes, the guitarist, followed by Duane Wilson, the bassist. After a long excruciating search and a couple of auditions, they chanced upon Saunak Dasgupta, a budding upcoming vocalist, songwriter and guitarist.

Together the five of them set out on a journey that was (never) meant to be. Pritam who loved folk music and the like (read Mumford and Sons), tried to push for it, in the songs that the band began writing. However, the remaining four wanted a more holistic approach to the new sound they were looking for. This led to wasted sessions, frustration and the eventual ejection of Pritam from the band. Pritam wasn’t going to let his (hard) work go in waste, and so at the time of their last meeting, he had the following to say: “How can you say I haven’t worked. Didn’t I bring the whole band together?” To seal the deal, he  cursed the band, saying that in five weeks, the band would break up.

Needless to say, the curse never came true. The band went on the add a keyboardist (Vignesh Iyer) to the line up too (though he didn’t last long too, for the same reasons as Pritam). They contibuted to make slow progress towards their goal.

The trio of Vijay, Saunak and Duane, would meet to write original compositions, eventually coming up with two (at the time of this posting), Catch me if you Can, and Was it a Dream. Of these, the band decided to keep only the second one. After some time, the decision to record the song was felt, so that it could be passed around the circuit, which would allow the band to make its break.

When the band was forced to do the recording without Vignesh and Vency, they took a hard call, deciding to give both of them the boot. Shortly thereafter, the band play their first gig as InRegalia with a sessions drummer (Ashish Rane), where they played Was it a Dream live for the first time at the Ray Ban / Rolling Stone ‘Never Hide Sounds Open Mic Night’. The song was well received, and the band now looks to capitalise on its early success.

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